20 May 2016

day 19 and 20 of #100 days of YOU with kelli

what if you face that fear and WIN! make it happen. you can do it. 
Mindfully living is what we are all on this journey for. Connecting with others of like souls, wounds, visions, hope and love. Yes, we are practicing the fine art of mindfully living. Living in the moment, living in the here and now. Practicing letting go of old tapes that no longer serve us. Letting go of the hurts that folks swing at us. No need to hang on to hurt, it truly will only continue to haunt you and will never ever serve you for anything good. I promise.

So what if you face that fear and win? What would that look like for you? Would it be a huge mountain to climb and you would be faced with your wildest nightmare? Believe me if you can imagine it, it can happen (probably not) but, it can. I have imagined the worst possible things happening in my life and somehow I have been called out and given bigger more horrible things then my imagination could dream up. Oh, and I have a wild good imagination. My point is I lived through these things with lots of love and help from others. I learned so much. Yes, I suffered greatly. Yes, I live my life practicing the healing love I so deserve and need.

So perhaps you write down your worse fears, and you look at what you would need in your life to change these around and make them go away. SUPER HARD stuff no kidding. We YOU can do it.

I know with my whole heart that we are all capable of more self love. I know it!!! I learn it every single day. Give your best and love YOU.

We are on the mountain together hand in hand and we are doing this!!! Yes, we are taking our fears and making them turn into puffy white clouds that simply float away. I picture my big fears then I turn them into a puffy white pretty cloud and I send them up to the great blue sky. NOT EASY at all. Practicing makes it easier every single day. I love you.

You are safe and loved here on this #100 day journey of YOU with me.


  1. you are right, this is tough stuff. brain paths don't just change themselves, you must re-program them and only YOU can do that. somethings that go far back into childhood take lots of practice, but as you said, it can be done. something that helps me from time to time is knowing that retraining the brain takes doing a better thing - thinking a better thought, not once or twice, but over and over and over again...like learning to play the piano. you don't practice once and know the song. kelli, your words and beautiful beautiful mixed media artwork are such gifts! thanks for sharing!! (this piece is particularly lovely...i love everything about it!)

  2. hi sharon, thank you for your noticing and getting it. yes, it is so terribly tricky. it is all in the practicing. mind stuff is so hard. you have it, i can tell. i have it too but, i need daily mindful stuff to help me keep the climb steady. thank you for showing up and being here with your graceful comments and goodness. so much love to you. thank you for your kindness too!!! xoxo