06 May 2016

Day 6 of "100 days of YOU with kelli

me on the far right with little tie around my neck 

 me on the blue floaty - i was always very thin

me with the pink hat on and my grandpa carrying me - i was 3 

me with our neighbors dogs. i have always loved dogs. 
So what if we keep thinking about what we loved as a child. I know for me it was water, the river, my friends, playing dress up, creating art, flowers, bike rides, the smell of rain, wind in my face, drinking from a tea cup at my grandmothers house. The list goes on and on but, I still love all of these things and I try my best to make them a part of my life.

What if we take a few of these things that we loved as kids and bring them back. Yes, make them happen more often. Surely, there are ways to embrace those memories we hold so dear. I am going to make sure I get outside and feel the wind more. Wind makes me feel alive. Free to get and makes me appreciate even more my life.

Next week we will be starting journals together. I will give you step by step easy ways to create a custom journal. We can add photos of us when we were young and now. We can list the crazy giddy joys we had as kids that we would like to focus on now.

I know that by remembering good things (and we all have them) and really noticing how we might bring them back into our days we will be empowered and feel a deep sense of joy!

I live this way. I know these things to be true. This journey is meant for me and YOU. Please let me know how this feels to you and if you are able to create tiny windows of happy. Love to you.

Happy day 6 of 100 days.

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  1. so fun!do you think it's difficult to find ways to remember happy memories of childhood when there are also unhappy ones that come up at the same time? what's the best way to navigate this tricky water?