03 May 2016

Day 3 of #100 Days of YOU with Kelli

affirmation card = reminder to your soul 

stitching with color is one way i deal with anxiety 

creating something happy from little bits helps me stay present in happy 

many meaning for this one = all of them make me smile 
Happy day 3 of #100 days of YOU with kelli. I am so happy that you are here. We are at the very beginning of looking at ourselves, noticing things we long for that we have forgotten, noticing that we might have some patterns in our life that are not healthy and working for us anymore, we might be sad and feeling like there is this happy soul just laying under the surface ready to come out and be a light in this world. YES, you are in the right company and safe here with this loving group of like minded souls.

We are creating something much bigger then ourselves. We matter. We are stronger together. We are helping ourselves fall back in love with life and all that we are and can be.

Over the next few days start making that list of things you miss in your life. How would your life look if you were to architect it just for you. How would it feel to know you were working and practicing to get that life back? It is yours for the asking. The trick is to fill up with affirmations, and a longing to change the old habits into new strong ones. Yes, it takes great focus and mindfully showing up to do the work. We can do this. We can do really hard things. This is not so hard just different and might feel odd. It is really what all of our souls, spirits and hearts long for.

See I know this because I am the queen of beating myself up. I am the best at never giving myself credit for how hard I work. I am the best at marching forward climbing mountains making huge strides in my world and never taking the time to praise me for the goodness I have done. I am great at never giving myself the hall pass when things do not work so great. I give hall passes to everyone I know but, not myself. Yes, this is one of those huge practicing things I write about. These matter, these are some of the reasons we are here and I have created this #100 days of YOU with kelli.

See I need these new practices in my life. I too am working on more self love. I am not sure how or why I lost it but, I did. Let me note that I do love me. I love myself. I am beyond grateful to be alive.
MY BIGGY is I have little ego, self esteem about all that I create in the world. That is not good for me. I am knowing that by showing up here with all of you, I will create new habits and practice daily.

So we are here. Yes, in this time and space right now. Let's look at creating our lists (maybe your list is one item - that's perfect) maybe your list is a huge page that is perfect too.

Today day 3 is list making. Just listing. I will walk you through what to do with your list in the coming days and weeks.

Please note that our facebook page which is closed to public is for us. It is for us to read and perhaps share. You do not in anyway have to post or respond or write anything ever. You can be a presence in this group and never say a word. That too is perfectly wonderful! No pressures on YOU. Just be YOU.

I am creating affirmations that will be available to you to print out. Hang around your home, space any place you need gentle reminders.

I love you. You are beloved. You are here and that means you are ready to love YOU.



  1. I am the QUEEN of not giving myself credit and thinking that I don't deserve anything good that comes my way. I love you sweet lady for doing this and can't wait to hang your tags around my studio!!!

  2. Oh honey bunny i am so happy you are here with us. Did you find the facebook page it is called #100 days of YOU with kelli. make sure you join us. love love love to you. we are changing these icky patterns that no longer fit us. yes, we ARE. xoxooo

  3. Such perfect timing for me to be reading this gift you are giving everyone ~ thank you Kelli.. may all the goodness you are sharing return to you a thousand-fold xoxo

  4. Thank YOU !!!! I will just say perfect timing in my life ... been super depressed for a while and trying to pick myself up ... having help will be amazing :)

  5. oooo, i do LOVE a good list! now, the trick will be knowing what i should do with it!! loving the 100 days already.

  6. Yes, I do love a good list too! Thanks for sharing your self so openly with everyone, Kelli! Looking forward to following along!