02 May 2016

Welcome to day 2 "100 days of YOU with Kelli"

Day 2 is all about YOU. Remember those pieces of YOU that you loved about yourself when you were little? Remember how you felt when you woke in the morning? Before real life and responsibility hit and suddenly some of those closest dearest morning loves fell by the wayside.

We are going to climb over this mountain of having lost those loves together.

Today let's remember a few things we would love to feel again when we wake up. Joy for the birds singing - so much that we take our coffee, tea, water and sit outside for 10 minutes and just listen and sip. Music - yes, MUSIC that makes us feel alive and happy. Perhaps, we create a ten minute music morning with the soul stirring stuff that makes us feel like we can (and will) do anything.

Be empowered by your soulful stirrings. They matter the most. No more dusting them away with I MUST DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. Let's be mindful and practice finding a few lost loves that helped us be our very best.

While we are climbing on this new path lets go ahead and add one new affirmation. This is it get ready = I deserve these 10 minutes. I need these 10 minutes. I am worth these 10 minutes. I will give myself this gift.

Remember to love yourself. Practice is the only way. I am honored and thrilled you are with me.
Of course, I will be doing this practice with you. Feel free to share if you like (if not no worries) this is about YOU.

links to our closed facebook page. please feel free to share with anyone you think this would be helpful to. i love that you are here.




  1. that fear one...really makes you think doesn't it!?

    1. Fear is my biggest enemy. We will work on this. Love to you. Kelli

  2. I have lost the feeling of joy. So many around me have bad in their lives and thus, if I act happy and take time for me, I feel guilt. I feel I should not enjoy our achievements, I should buy things for others, I should never tell of anything that I have done or traveled to or did just for me. Guilt! I don't know how to overcome this. My husband buys me flowers. Instead of joy, I don't tell anyone for fear their feelings will be hurt. I want my joy back! I have accomplished much in my life and I never tell anyone for fear they will think I am bragging. I want to sit out in the sanctuary and feel the joy I once felt! I am glad I am here!

    1. Joy is yours. You recognize that it is missing. Set aside the guilt, set aside the bad ugly self talk that you do not deserve good and happy. YOU are everything. Without YOU nothing would be the same for those who love you. For one day practice doing the art of enjoying YOU. Celebrate the love you are given. Try it will be very hard at first. Baby steps. Remember the last time you felt joy with no guilt. When was that? How did that feel? YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO JOY! I love that you are here. I love you. Kelli

  3. Love this and love you sharing your heart with us! What a gift Kellie!!!! Xoxo