04 May 2016

Day 4 of #100 days of YOU with kelli

she believed she could so she did.
created with an old photo of me, torn wallpaper, words that i love,
image of a cool door i love. one quiet word STRENGTH 
Here we are on day four. WOW. I love that we are all engaging together on our facebook page.
Thank you for showing up. I know this journey is not easy, deep soul searching stuff, time taking energy. I also know just showing up and doing nothing but reading will help you. So no worries
if you are not making the lists, or thinking about your childhood, or soul searching just yet.
You will join this climb if it is right for you. I promise you will find inspiration, goodness and pure love here and that just might be enough for you. Yeah.

We are working on our lists and diving into when we last felt truly alive with joy (perhaps even the innocent joy of a child) before the big adult stuff hit us. I think keeping a bit of your childlike nature alive is essential for dealing with life. By that I mean this. When you can pack a picnic and drive to the park or sit on your lawn and eat lunch DO IT. If you have the chance to walk to the park or sit on the phone and answer emails - GO FOR THE WALK. If you feel like playing loud music and singing DO IT. When you set the table to eat use your nice dishes or a paper towel whatever makes YOU happy. Try to break the rules you can, you know the ones you give yourself that really are not rules at all. Yes, those!!!

Affirmations we are working on - I believe I can, so I will. I believe I can, so I will. I believe I can, so I will. Remember, in grade school when we would do something wrong the teachers would make us write 100 times - I will not poke so and so in the arm. Well I think that affirmations of positive are everything. Let's forget writing the stuff that has not served us yet. Let's write the fun good stuff we would like to become new habits.

I will be creating affirmation sheets you can print out and hang around your space if you like.
So far we have two. After our first week together I will design us our first sheet. If you like you can use these in your journals as well.

I am also going to have a super easy journal making idea to share with you. We are going to learn to create with items we have in our home. We are not buying things. We are loving ourselves with a natural non spending joyful way. I LOVE THIS. I sure hope you do too.

So happy day four to YOU who I happen to adore.



  1. Love all of this. Simply splendid!!!!

  2. Brilliant! Rolling down a grassy hill sometime soon!

  3. Kelli, I like that you mention here that some will gain benefit from simply reading along, not necessarily compiling the lists. As much as I love lists, I also battle lack a time. Between working a very demanding full-time job (that requires a ton of travel) and raising a family, sometimes all I want to do when I get home is just veg out on the couch or read a bit. As much as love I playing in my journal (I'm a Documented Life Project participant), sometimes I just don't have the energy to do it at the end of the day. So, yay for just reading along!

  4. oh my goodness you are speaking my language! love a good journal...especially a crafty pretty one!