14 May 2016

Day 13 and 14 of #100 days of YOU with Kelli

one word 
Hi, I have been thinking about words. Lots of words and all the meanings that they have. The permanent places words can hold in our lives if we choose to let them. Sometimes it is a word that makes our day seem better or it can turn our day around and hurt us (only if we let it).

I like to find words that move me to a feeling of good. I love the word SHINE. I love the word HOPE. I love the word KIND. There are so many words that move me but, these three stay constant.

When I turned 50 I wanted a tat that said shine - why? I wanted to remind myself daily that I could make a choice to shine in my light and to be a good bringer of shine to others. I have never not loved this word on my forearm. Each day I still am reminded of exactly why I put it there.

Our affirmations are much like my tattoo. Less permanent in some ways but, can make a permanent place in our minds and hearts. I love this.

Making mindful choices of what we want to tell ourselves everyday matters. I hope you are all making a list of sorts. Helping affirmations that will help you practice daily goodness to YOU.

I am so grateful that you are here. This next week we will start our journal making together. I look forward to sharing more of my heart with you.


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  1. Shine shine shine!!! And you do!!!!! Xoxoxoxox love your sparkly shiny light!! Xoxox