07 May 2016

Day 7 of #100 days of YOU with kelli

affirmations designed by me = for you 

Happy one week of being here in this sacred space together. I do hope you are getting the magic that is here for you. I know it takes so much to start changing habits and practicing new ideas. I am positive that by being mindful and loving your intentions your new practice of loving YOU will happen. Yes, it might take 100 days or the rest of your life, either way it is a practice worth investing in = because it is YOU.

I feel like it is important for me to really open up and share my life with you. It gives me a foundations to start from and for you to see me. I have always been open and sharing. I have always been an over gifter (if there is such a thing) I know that about me. I do not do it for praise or to make someone like me. I do it because I absolutely LOVE making others feel loved, noticed, appreciated.
It is my dream that I will reach far into the world with my light, love and desire to share more.

I think it is so important for us to remember all that we have accomplished up until this very moment. Really it is crazy how much we live through, how strong we really are, our minds do the self preservation thing where we tend not to hold onto the really hard stuff - I for one am super thrilled about that. I have lived through more really hard things then lots of people. For those of you who do not know me you might be surprised. Instead of thinking about my past I practice really really hard at staying in the present, the here and now. I know we have no control over what tomorrow might bring. Live as fully out loud with joy, grace, giddy silly goofy stuff right now. Just let go of the stuff you are holding. Just let it go. Practice at just letting it go.

I have found it really useful to write what I am trying to let go of. Often times I burn the letter up while saying a little prayer of intention with it. It is enough for me to write it, spill it out and then start the real life practice of letting it go.

So maybe, we can all find a few things we would be better off without? I know I have some.

Thank you for walking this path with me. I am honored beyond that you are here. I love you.


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  1. i admire your pluckiness kelli and totally agree with the idea of living in the present. love the idea of writing/burning. sounds like a great way to let go of that which no longer serves us...and really, when does pain, hurt or bitterness ever help? life's short...smile while you still have teeth! i am loving your ideas more and more!!

  2. thank you darling friend. i love the word pluckiness. i must look up the exact definition as i adore it. pain, bitterness, anger really does not serve us. it hurts us more. thank you for being here and thank you for your comments. i love knowing my post is being read. xo

  3. Yes.. so agree with Sharon & also love the word pluckiness, and that 'luck' shines right out of it! Grateful for the reminder to consciously assess & let go.. making room to create our own good luck! Thank you Kelli for so generously sharing your positive energy here!