23 May 2016

day 21, 22 and yes 23 of #100 days of YOU with kelli

original mixed media art, quote by me. love more.

Love your heart with tender care. it matters. Truth. We need to love ourselves with all of our flaws (that we see more then anyone else ever) It is hard to get past lots of old stuff, I know. I also know that living in the moment is everything good. It feels terrific to give love to others. Imagine how great it will feel to show yourself some of that whole love. Yes, let's do it.

I struggle with giving myself the love that I give out so freely to others. I am certainly nice to me, I am so grateful for my body and the life it gives me. I think maybe, loving the emotional parts will be a good practice for me. You know the forgiving ourselves for past hurts, not feeling like we do enough or we are enough. Turn those thoughts around every time one tries to sneak in - just say NO.

This weekend was about loving more for me. Finding ways to show love with words, actions and listening. These are all gifts we all have and can give. Let's just be mindful of who gets US and our love.

Leaving you with this idea. What would it look like to wake up tomorrow and do one really precious milestone thing you have been putting off? Like a thank you call you have been meaning to make, a special moment to share with another person who loves you (hug) even in a short note you mail out, taking a picture of something you never ever want to forget. Have fun with your life. It is precious and I promise this stuff matters the very most.

Love more.

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  1. sometimes it takes a reminder to do something you've been meaning to do. this is a good one.