01 May 2016

Welcome to #100 Days of YOU

baby me - the world awaits 

first grade me - sweet, artistic = already knowing 

me at 14 always loving fashion and vintage = dress up 

me now at 52 curious, smart, driven = still searching and knowing.
Welcome to #100 Days of YOU.

My wish is that on this journey together at the end of 100 days we will have created new good self talk, replaced old habits that are not working for us with new found life and joyful new habits.

I share the pictures above to help remind me that we all start out as children. We all have ideas about who we want to be. Already in first grade I knew that I would be an artist for life. I never worried about if it would make me money or fame. I just knew I had to create. The voices of others never changed my path, I kept marching. Already as a young girl my soul needed vintage clothing and dress up, fashion and fabric. All of these things make me = ME.

Think about what makes you YOU. What did you love as a child? Did you ever really write down your childhood passions? If not do it. Please grab a notebook and start your #100 Days of YOU. It will be a joy to have next to you. Affirming.

My absolute biggest mountain to climb over is being kinder to me. Kinder with my self talk, kinder with the affirmations I tell myself, kinder with the forgiveness I give myself. Owning my talents and having more self esteem for everything I do and create. Learning to know that I am so very special and have wonderful ME to share with this world in a BIG WAY!!!

I am going to share with you my new daily practice (I am using the word PRACTICE like you would in yoga) always changing and doing your very best.

Most of what I share with these exercises, tips, and doings is what works for me. It is all learned from years of having little ego surrounding what I design, illustrate, paint, stitch = CREATE. I know that I am talented and that creating is like breathing for me. I also know that I never have an ego about this or let it really sink in that it is okay and good to own these qualities. I actually say "Kelli you are worth all of this and more, keep going, climb the biggest mountains and get what you want in life."

My wish is that when #100 days of YOU has happened. We together will have moved a few of our personal mountains together. YES WE WILL.

We will share. We will find more of ourselves. We will be proud. Mostly we will love ourselves more with each new affirmation thought. Our new habits will change our worlds. Yes, these are lofty ambitions, I know we can do it. Together we are stronger. Here we go.

Thank you for joining me. You matter. I love you and your passion for living.

Know that if you leave comments here I will be checking daily and listening.




  1. I'm in!!! Still Learning to
    Stand up and trust my inner instincts ... Creating boundaries ... And not being afraid to be myself ... Thanks for inviting me to
    Join along with this journey... I'm am soooo blessed to be in your sparkly ...embroidered circle!

  2. well now, this sounds like a good time...count me in!

  3. This sounds so like what I am needing in my life right at this minute. How did you know, Kelli?:) Grateful to be here!

  4. So excited to begin this journey, looks like I am in good company!

  5. I think I can,
    I think I can .....

  6. Thank you for being an encourager ❤ ready to go...

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  8. Very much need this! Thank you for sharing.💗

  9. You are such good inspiration and positive energy....shine my way....count me in!

  10. Your words are always healing and positive......our world needs more of you!! Nancy

  11. Did you write this post, or did I? Being kind to myself is so incredibly difficult for me. I am constantly reminded by people that know me and even strangers i meet for a brief moment, how kind , caring and giving unselfishly i am. I dont bat an eye to be a positive impact with everybody i encounter, even those that have hurt me. However, I am a big meany to the one soul that needs me most! Im 52 yrs old and i still push play of how i was treated by my family. Im in therapy to finally put a period on this nonsense, so that i can hopefully learn to love myself enough to put me first:) Thanks for sharing....i know im not alone now.