11 May 2016

painting sold. words matter. 

from one of my journals. play today. 

every new day you can begin again

her spirit moved mountains. painting sold. words matter..
Happy day 10 and 11. So sorry yesterday was a blur. Hard as I tried I had deadlines in my design world that kept busting me. So proof that I am human and I missed our day 10 together. Every new day you can begin again. I love this and it is pure truth.

Now is a great time to talk about why we are so hard on ourselves? What good does it serve us? Why do we choose to not be as kind to ourselves as we are with others? I do not believe it is our nature to do this. At least I hope not. I believe that we think we are going to push ourselves more if we are hard on ourselves. I am learning that when I do this for month at a time, I just shut down. SO new way of thinking = every time I think I am going to be hard on ME, I say STOP, I train myself to say this, "you are doing your very best, showing up everyday, YOU matter keep going."

I know by practicing we can stop the negative self talk, the non positive positioning we but, ourselves in. No fun to feel trapped by your own limitations. Time to practice your way OUT.

You can write about what this looks like for you. You can paint about it. You can build a visual page about it with pictures and words clipped from magazines. Any way that you can express and work on releasing what it is that you are unhappy with. DO IT!!! In time it changes YOU for the healthier better YOU.

Let's share together how this journey of YOU is feeling. Thank you for being here and taking this journey of 100 days with me. Love Kelli


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