12 May 2016

Day 12 of "100 Days of YOU with Kelli

we wander together and become stronger 
Happy Day 12 of #100 days of YOU with Kelli. I have been thinking a lot about how very precious life is. We have all experienced horrible hard things. We all speak the universal language of grief and loss. I am here to try and start a new practice in finding hope while in the midst of hard things.

Hope. I such a pretty word. I love the look of it with it's straight edges mixed with open spaces. I love the meaning of it. Hope can speak to all of us in very personal ways. Interesting enough for me it is in the very simplest of things. Example = when I am in the middle of something very hard and I yawn, I instantly remember that there is hope. The ability to have normal moments in a time of hardship helps me move forward. Odd as it sounds think about moments in your life when you have really needed HOPE. What are those things that gave you a moment of normal.

If we take our list of normal helpful moments and combine them with our affirmations we are suddenly looking at a very hopeful path to start walking and practicing.

Use your wounds to empower you. Use your sadness to help you stand back up. Use this 100 day journey to inspire you to try a new way of approaching your life. Even the tiny steps count. Even just showing up to greet a new day is huge.

I promise you this. I have had really terrible things happen in my life that I thought "How will I live through this?" Truth is I faced it straight on and struggled, I owned it and never once pretended it was not hurting me. I let others help me when I knew I needed help. I found comfort in the familiar. I was crushed and slowly stood back up.

I am up and my wish is to spread STANDING STRONG in your space right here right now through my artwork and words. I hope I am helping even one person right this minute.

Love more. It is so important. Love YOU. thank you for being here with me.


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  1. Appreciating all of your encouraging words & art.. a bright ray of hope & love during these days that are challenging for so many ~ with big thanks Kelli, muchas gracias xo