16 May 2016

day 15 and 16 "100 days of YOU with kelli"

artwork by me. thought by me.
Forgiving yourself. You did what you knew. Strong words that will connect with some of you. Others will wonder what in the world this message means. That's okay. It is perfect actually. We all have our walk and some have more mountain climbing then others.

I am so very hard on myself. I set out my visions and plans and then I work so very hard at manifesting those moments to happen. I try to have no expectations (almost impossible) but, I do a very good job at attempting this one. I have blind faith. I believe in good. I believe that if I put enough energy into my life, good will come.

I have been listening to an artist - singer songwriter named Jason Isbell. He has a song called, "Teach me how to forget". Over the past few months I have listened to this song over and over until I know it by heart. The words haunt me in a very healing knowing way. I need to forgive myself. I need to know that I did my very best (what I knew to do) The time that went wrong for me is okay. I can forgive myself for what I did (even if I am unsure of what it was) Let it go as it no longer serves me. It hurts me. It hurts my heart. So I am forgiving myself again.

I think by replacing a hard moment with a good moment is a beautiful thing to practice. Some days it is simply hard to practice and we dive back into the lesson we are trying so hard to unlearn.

Well, I am here, I am flawed and I am practicing just like all of you. I will continue to climb this mountain every single day. I would love for you to gleam a goodness from my 100 days. I sure hope this speaks to your hearts and helps you find healing, love and a path of greater good for you.

Jason Isbell's song right here.


  1. This is a gentle beautiful reminder and yes, perfect... thank you Kelli for sharing your artful journey xo

  2. oh that difficult 'f' word. it can get you every time. lovely thoughts on a hard subject sweet kelli. thanks.

  3. It took me a VERY long time to forgive myself...but I have and it's been a HUGE blessing in my life. I can Move Forward!