17 May 2016

day 17 of #100 days of YOU with kelli

be kind 
Here we are on day 17 of reflecting on childhood memories, replacing old tapes that no longer serve us with new positive affirmations. We are starting a practice of coming back to be so very kind to ourselves. As kind as we are to others we need to be a zillion times kinder to US!!

When we fill ourselves with self love we have an energy that radiates light and goodness. We know how to pick ourselves up. We surround ourselves with like energy. Mean hurtful situations are easier to walk away from with grace. Looking into what serves us and makes us feel whole is so important.

If we make our vision boards - journal pages - writings in a notebook all about what we need. What life might look at if we gave it the energy, structure we desire. What might that look like? For me it looks like this = Simplify even more, create every day for the power of goodness, take time to do the little things i love (walks, candles, flowers, yummy bites of good food, laughter, setting a pretty table and having a few lovely friends over) the list is long and lots of these things I do. I can do better and I am practicing at the scheduling. Scheduling my time is a challenge for me. I have deadlines which I always meet but, I do let others take my time and energy and sometimes it does not feel good.

So for this week I am focusing on looking at how I give my time and love. Yes, I will always over give (if there is such I thing).

Here is our list of what we are practicing.
• Mindfully waking up and doing things that make us feel good.
• Journal writing to ourselves about how our life might look if we change some habits that no longer   serve us in a positive way.
• Affirmations - creating our own or using the page I created for us.

We can share this journey on our facebook page more if you like. Please let me know how you are doing and what's working for you and what's hard.

This is a journey all about YOU. Let's make it happen together. Love love love YOU!!!!


  1. i love you for real. thank you. xo

  2. Kelli...what cOol tOol did you you to make your dotted circle? ...a lid? Thankx ;-)
    Casey Rasmussen White