18 February 2012

perspective. learning. knowing.

one of the views that gives me daily energy.

yep, the med. sea from my window on the plane.

oooh, i could hardly wait to land.
Learning a lot about myself these days.

Perspective. Giving. Taking. Creating. Knowing.

There is a knowing inside that nothing and no one can ever get to. These pictures I took on our landing into Nice, France. I have peace inside just knowing that this place is real, it exists, it is good so very very good.

Perspective for me on life is so easy = enough money to live, love all around me, creating daily, dogs at my feet and the dreams of moving forward each day. So lucky am I do this.

Learning for me is good = my online class is life changing. I am learning more about me then I ever knew possible. I am taking risks, going into the world more whole and open.

Knowing. There are certain things in life I just know. I am learning that these are the keys to me.

So for the weekend I wish for all of you a bit of perspective, learning and knowing.


  1. Here's to learning - I'll certainly drink to that!

    1. Thanks for your fun comment. We could certainly have a drink with our new journey. smiles.

  2. Beautiful post. Love those airplane pics. What a great reminder about perspective. Thank you for sharing.
    Briana G.

    1. Thanks Briana, You are a doll to comment. I am so thrilled to see comments on my blog. I have been posting for around 6 months and never get comments. I feel like celebrating with a balloon, a skirt, and a snack. hugs.

  3. Stopping by from HSHB... nice to meet you Kelli May. I'm in love with all things France, being creative and learning too! fun post-fun blog~ thanks for sharing...see you in class~ valerie