03 February 2012

handmade birthday heart = love

start with a pile of scrap fabrics you love

cut a heart shape out of paper for a pattern and start layering your goodies

after all the pieces are sewn on flip over, pin and sew around your heart

finished heart. stuffed with love of course.

details on the bottom. you know how i love these details.

quick sewn bag to nest it in with vintage bird tied on and handmade tag
To be honest I never really know if friends like handmade presents? I think they do. I for one would much rather receive a gift handmade. So with that I show and tell you how simply a gift can be created. Read captions.

I love to create everything and think that giving something you make is so special and cannot be replaced. So for me this year it is all about handmade, vintage, lovely giving.

Quick steps to creating.
• find some random fabrics you have laying around in your pile of goodness
• make a heart shape pattern out of paper (cut a heart out like you did in grade school)
• trace the heart shape on the wrong side of the fabric (you do not want to see your lines when finished)
• before you sew the front and back together add some layers of lace, torn fabrics, goodness to one side (sew these on)
• simply pin the front to the back and sew around your heart shape
• leave a little opening for stuffing. you can stuff with cotton, batting, fill with lavender etc.
• add a few treats sewn on the top. stones, beads, crystals, words (personalize it a bit)
• sew up the side by hand with a few stitches

Instant present and so pretty. Oh, and I added a little loop of ribbon to the back for hanging.

Sweet!!! Have fun make many, you never know when you need to give a sweet gift.

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