27 February 2012

my nest.

sunshine was beautiful today in the entryway. i just loved it.
This weekend was a rather reflective one for me. Lot of decisions made, lots of designs created, listened to fun live music, had a lovely dinner out with hubby, saw pretty dresses on the Oscars. I have always known how important my environment is to me. I am always moving things around, painting, covering, changing our home to feel more like me (any given moment) things can get moving.

I have been adding lots of ocean items around me as I long to live by the water. I grew up in a tiny little sweet river town. Grew up on the Mississippi river and adore water.

So my dream is to live by the ocean or the sea. Big plans to move and re create a new nest.

So this week starts a bunch of moving, changing and creating for our nest. We will be selling this lovely nest I have lived in for seventeen years come Spring. There I put it in writing (always seems more real)

Here is to dreams coming true and working very hard with passion to make them happen.

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