13 February 2012

the love of textures, design, handmade = lucky me

Take this beautiful pitcher (30 of them)

Design a card, hand detail (30 of them)

Hand create sewn embellished envelopes (30 of them)

Take good ole burlap and sew bags to nest the pitchers (30 of them)
Take burlap bags, pitcher, tissue, gorgeous beaded ribbon, attach cards.
This was one of those lucky projects that I jump up and twirl about. Yes, it is a bunch of hand work, time intensive, details a plenty, but I adore this kind of project. I was lucky enough to have a client who needed 30 gifts and hired me to create them. Yippee.

Okay, so while I was in the midst of trimming out the burlap for hours I thought maybe, I am crazy to love such projects. I simply adore the process of seeing pieces and piles of fabric, paper, design ideas swirling in my head all come together and end in something lovely fresh and artistically done.

So I end my weekend and start my new week with this project happily given to my client. I wish for more like this. Designing keeps my soul alive. Grateful for the gifts I have been given.

More designs by me http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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