21 February 2012

crazy goofy happy designing new card collections

gazing up she knew. dream big.

she only thought of treats. precious.

she loved her friends. nest.

she often dreamed of giant strawberries while on her picnics. sweet.

floating in pretty. she loves sunshine.
One of the twinkle lights that went off in my head the other day was this. Pearl Button a new fun wacky and happy card line based on our little JRT Pearl Button. Sure I have other cards in this line that do not have Pearl in them. I just happen to be flipping about the Pearl dog ones right now.

I have just sent the first batch to my printer and I am most excited to see what they look like printed.
I am really excited about my little cards. I feel like I am breaking into a new journey for me that will make me most happy. My hopes are folks who see these cards will smile, maybe giggle and most of all enjoy and share them.

So on I march into new card lines and to the moon with ideas.

More creative by me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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