06 February 2012

original design by me. vintage illustration by Harrison Cady.
Today starts more internal goodness for me. I am thinking about all the things that make me - well me.
I know that humor helps me survive. Without even trying to be funny or witty (as they say) I am.
Not sure why or how? I think it comes from my dad, he is very funny! Thanks dad.

I know how important it is for me to keep an edge about me. That can be a gentle edge, a silly one, or just my own little secret edge to get energy from. I loved this illustration taken from a vintage book of mine (thanks to the illustrator Harrison Cady) something about the quick zippy lines just spoke to me and I knew it needed to be seen again. The book is from 1944. How cool to know this little fox has been waiting for me to find him and bring him out to be admired again.

Witty on my path I will be today and tomorrow. Pour down all the goodness you can moon. I will be ready and waiting for all of your magic! Many moons of thanks, in advance.

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