24 February 2012

artful production of 360 cards marching on

each card is hand cut, embellished, here are some drying overnight. i love bunches of items. always have.

me in my tiny studio creating to happy music in the background.
Today I sold my first 36 cards to a lovely shop. I enjoyed this more then I imagined. Funny but, seventeen years ago I started card lines (very different) designs then where I am at today as an artist.
I had a ball creating and making those cards. They soon within a year became bigger then me trying to hand make each one. I had no clue how to manufacture (still don't) learning. So I ended up leaving my love for creating cards to sell in mass behind.

I am now deeply involved in my class Hello Soul. Hello Business. and returning to some loves I left behind. One of them being happy cards, joyful, silly, how do you do fun cards. I still need help manufacturing ~ this time I am creating with the vision of coming full circle and getting my goods found nationally.

So for tonight I close up my little studio and wish to this big universe. Here is my wish, please send the right good folks to help me on my way of being found. Yep, that is the biggie.

More design by me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday


  1. "keep swimming." (a quote from the Finding Nemo movie that my mother says to me when times get tough and I feel discouraged.)
    Perhaps you could hire a friend to help come do the glitter and embellishments? I know I'd do it!
    Your cards look so fun and inviting!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. You area a doll.
      Okay, you can come over we will chat and giggle and share snacks and embellish. Know I will go see that you live far across the sea. Sad face here.

      I am off to find you my dear. Thanks for your comments.

      Follow my blog. Promise is it fun. Hugs. All good happiness to you.

  2. Looks like you are having a ball!