23 February 2012

Introducing the world of Pearl Button. My new card line ready for shops.

Pearl Button lives by the sea. She collects pearls of course and loves sand.

Pearl Buttons first collection of 23 designs ready for shops.
My little studio has been a flurry of activity these days with a new line of cards created called Pearl Button. Introducing the world of Pearl Button, I am. You see I am lucky enough to view the world in a lovely silly happy endless adventure kindof way just like the small Pearl Button. She and I agree on so many important things. I decided to take a moment and create a tiny window of happiness into her world.

Here is my first collection of 23 cards. Designed from vintage fabrics, bits and pieces of random collections, patterns, and fun little saying from Pearl and I. Each card is printed on a lovely white heavy stock, hand trimmed, embellished with silver glitter (just a touch) and a pretty ribbon.

Pearl and I are most excited to share these with you. Our hopes are that they make you smile, giggle and maybe, even make a little dream of yours come true.

My shop list where you can find these will be a post soon. For now you can find me in my studio and most happy to talk with you and nest a bunch for you. I will also have them in my trusty little Etsy shop soon.

studio http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

my little etsy shop (remember the cards are coming soon) http://www.etsy.com/shop/kellimay


  1. These are sooo lovely ~ you are so far ahead on your "what", i'll be heading over to Etsy for a better look!!
    Love to both You and Pearl!

  2. They look so colorful and fun. Beautiful work.

  3. Congratulations! That looks like a lot of very fun and inspired work. When are you going to come to my space? It's in the process of being demo-ed today so can we plan on a couple weeks from now?