06 February 2012

a good day for these.

just in case you are coasting along. get going now.

this is just so good.

for me it is all about getting the little bird out more.
Today starts another week. Another day to start a new plan, get going on a dream, start living the best life you can. I have so many dreams that I am working on. The bigger they get the harder I work to create them. Some seem so close others seem like I will be working a bit harder.

Me, well I do not mind hard work. I do have patience, to a fault. I just know that each day I wake up I get another shot at making a difference. Today I will find a new way to do something, switch up some things around me, and make sure that each day I move closer to my big dreams.

I am in the midst of great change. I can feel it. The class I have been taking is a real journey for the soul. So happy to be doing the hard work to make it count. 

Oh, and I really do appreciate the fact that I get to wake up and have another day.

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