01 September 2014

and so it begins. marching strongly. my own path.

and so the boxes start stacking.

tick tock the clock tells me to follow my heart = i am

my roads to travel ending here in galena = gratefully knowing

journey back to you. i am.

alter that will be glowing until we pack the truck.
And so it begins the packing of every single thing i own. We own. Yes, it can seem overwhelming and at the same time it can be a gift. A gift of letting go of things, of knowing that treasures wrap in boxes and go with us, of really taking a look at what makes us tick (how does our world go around) what matters the most.

I have had several people (that hardly know me) comment this week on my dream of moving from beachy sunshine to Galena. Folks think I am crazy, comments like, "I thought Florida was your dream." Really are we allowed one dream? Not for me as long as I am luck enough to be alive I will dream daily. I will march in the direction that my heart and soul tell me to. I am a really hard worker and I know that anything is possible with hard work and faith.

So I really hope that those of you who follow me get this about me. I will always be dreaming big and moving mountains and trying my very best to inspire, give from my whole heart, be a good person and create like today is my last day.

Grateful for each and every step in this life. Loving and knowing and growing every single day!!!


  1. You can never go wrong dreaming big, and bigger, and again, and following your heart and and keeping your hard-working self always creating. I'm so excited for you! I love that you live life not timidly but with a grand sense of adventure! Galena is going to be so happy to fold you and hubby in its arms!

  2. Kelly, I am so happy we connected through the GTS experience! I love your positive attitude and am inspired by your creative spirit. Blessings to you as you follow your heart to Galena. I look forward to watching your journey!