02 September 2014

gratefully giving. take time to notice the gift of friendship.

created the box with layers of papers then painting and more layers.

oh the love of details 

she loved beauty = i do i do

grateful for kindred spirits

happiness combo platter = 3 gifts ready to mail
Today was a day for packing, thinking, creating and gifting. Oh the joy I feel when I create presents for others. I truly love love love giving. I am not sure what a therapist would say about this passion I have for giving. It comes from a very real pure place in my heart. I never expect anything in return. Okay, I like thank you's. I really just feel better noticing that others need to feel loved and being a tiny light shining = hopefully saying, "hey, i notice and you are beloved."

So I created three fun packages today. I am happy to say in the midst of a very busy studio day and packing. So much of life is often over looked. I love having the ability to take time to be grateful and gush out into the world.

Grab the gifts of friends and like minds. It matters. I have learned this past year about community of like souls. I have been on this beautiful key living, creating and facing every bit of anxiety, fear and doubt. I have been very alone (thank goodness for my hubby and sweet little dog Pearl Button).
Prior to moving across the country I was lucky to have several friends to call and instantly have community. I have had big surprises this past year. I am grateful for the learning however painful the lessons. I am growing stronger, braver and getting my messages into the big world.

I matter. What I create matters. I am good at being me. If a handful of people see me truly get me that is plenty. More then enough. I wake up wanting to gush joy and gratitude for my life, and that is perfectly fine. It's who I am. I am just swell with me.

Happy is the very best path in life. Take it, you can make it thru most days with a dose of happy.
It is in the noticing. Promise.


  1. Replies
    1. you are so sweet to me. adoring you right back. you are a big huge beautiful gift in my life. xo

  2. I agree with Diana. You are a gift to the world! I'm honored and blessed to have you as my friend. ❤️

    1. i feel the same about you. mirror. you are a gift in this world with stories and love and life to share. so much more. xoox

  3. Replies
    1. wow. so very kind of you. thanking you most kindly. really super sweet of you to take the time to comment. yippee.

  4. Beautiful post! Happy to stumble upon your blog. And Hi Wy! ^^^^

    1. so excited to meet you. wowza pants cool of you to take moments in precious life to read my post and comment. thank you very very very much. sunshine and super happy times to you.