04 September 2014

oh my am i a very lucky girl. friends who shine on me. wow.

each tiny detail was lovingly thoughtful and precious.

seriously cool artwork by Diana D. Darden. FOR ME.

some of my most favorite things EVER tiny pieces of bits.  FOR ME.

the notes, ribbons, treats both tiny and big. FOR ME.

insanely gorgeous artwork by Diana D. Darden. FOR ME.
Today was one of those days when the knock on the door holds extra blessings. Yes, this truly carefully artfully created box of all handmade treats came from me from my artist friend Diana D. Darden.

Quick story of our friendship. I have long admired Diana's artwork. I had seen it in galleries and online and always was blown away with her attention to details and thoughtful art. I never really researched where she lived or anything = I just loved her art. So fast forward to me moving from Minneapolis to Sarasota. I find Diana on facebook = again I am blown away by her talents and joy she adds to all of her artwork. Lucky me we become friends. We have a great connection for loving tiny details, trims, ribbons, images etc. We started by trading bits from our studios with each other.
I find out that all along she was living in Minneapolis the entire time I lived there. WHAT!
Lesson learned for me to seek like souls right when i see them in my world.

I am also very happy to say that I love designing her business cards and marketing materials.
What joy to design for a talented friend. Another blessing.

So with a gracious gushing heart I post these photos and write about the gift of precious artists in my life who are also beautiful friends.

Thank you Diana. I am humbled by your generous spirit and crazy sweet happy gifts. These are the very best of times. I am lucky to know you and be your friend. I am sending universal love and goodness to you today, this moment and always.

Please check out her precious artwork below are a few links.




  1. you are so sweet kelli! thank you!!! xoxoxo

  2. these are beautiful. i am now a fan.