06 September 2014

shining open by art. my life. me.

section from a large painting.

section from a large painting.

section from a large painting.
so today has been a very full day of packing, designing, creating art and lots of reflection. it is impossible to pack up your life, my studio and not really take a hard look at what's around me.

i have been creating like a crazy person over for the past several months. as i look around my studio i see that i have over twenty original pieces of art just stacked up on my tables. wow. i thought to myself that i am have really been sharing lots of me on surfaces everywhere in my studio. i have created on canvas, boards, scraps of papers, notebook covers, my journal  = really i am starting to think no surface is safe.

i have long wanted to create for me. just take the time to play and see and feel all on surfaces. the tricky part then comes the sharing. i no longer feel like the opinions or judgements can touch how i create. i know that i am truly spilling from me. there is such a gift in this. i am grateful each and everyday for art in me. so so grateful.

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  1. thank you so very much for taking time precious time to read my blog. loving goodness every single moment to you. ox