16 September 2014

working so hard for this dream.

"let the beauty we love be what we do" Rumi

Iris Dement - singer songwriter

yes, we must first really love ourselves.

The wild dreamy journey continues, marching on. Today is the first day in a very long time that I am tired. I am realizing the packing every little thing one owns is a lot to process. We just did this twice in the past year and a half. The hardest part is packing my studio. Yep, that is the hard part.

I have been listening to tons of music from my past. I use to listen to tons of Iris Dement, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, French music, old jazz standards. The list goes on and on. Music is such a safe place to land when your days are long and things seems hard. It is just a natural escape.

Balancing the packing and my studio deadlines is all consuming. I am wanting some head space of nothing. Just nothing at all. I daydream lately about decorating our Christmas tree this year. I know it will be snowy, I know we will go cut one down, I know that I will not buy enough lights first trip to the store (I tend to over light the tree) It thrills me to have a season change again in my life. I miss it. I do so love the ocean and being there on Christmas day is something to behold.

This year will be so different from last. I am forever grateful for my life. Even when days are long and harder then most I am giddy with grace for my very blessed life.

Link here for music by Iris Dement - such a beautifully talented singer songwriter



  1. I just looked up Iris Dement last week and found her singing a song in the movie Songcatcher which I had forgotten about. Summer takes up most of our year here in TX so I do love when we have ups and downs of weather changes. We might have a few snow flurries this year!

    1. Hi sweet rebecca,
      thank you so much for taking time to write me. such a sweet connection music is. i love that you are in tx. one of my most fav states ever. i lived in dallas for 10 years. adore. i do love the changes in weather too. snow in tx oh my that could be fun. xoox