19 September 2014

life lessons. living brave. living strong. surviving and shining.

me at five or so. i had this hair cut until i was 17.

professional photo taken of me at 30 years old.
I have decided that this is my time in life to spill it wide open = my life that is. I believe that being an artist and sharing what makes me the person i am matters, so I am sharing. I have a full life and have lived through some unusual pains.

I grew up in a tiny river town in Iowa. I am an only child. I have very loving, gracious, proud parents who love me crazy good stuff. I was pretty sheltered in this little town. I loved the simple nature of this little town.  I loved flowers, making things pretty, drawing, creating neat spaces for my barbies to live in, dolls (I so loved dolls) dogs, rabbits. My little friends were like sisters. I loved the river and boating on the Mississippi River. Trying to express I was brought up going to Sunday school, respecting others and a pretty good person.

Somehow growing up in this small town I knew I had to move and get to a big city.
I went to college and graduated with a fine arts degree. I kept moving to big cities and creating. I grew as an artist and person.

I married at 29 (not super young) I married the wrong person. I stayed in a very ugly marriage for 11 years. It was not the good stuff you wish for. I escaped in my art world. It worked. I was very successful and noticed for my design talents.

I write this to give history of me prior to a really terrible event happening. I ended up in a very love less marriage, I ended up at 39 with the renal aneurysm (I have posted about this one) Knowing that I might not survive I made a deal with God = please let me live and I will change my life. I will get out of a love less marriage. I will face the world and let my marriage go.

I did it. I confronted my husband for the zillion one millionth time. This time he admitted that he was gay. Yes, I married a man that was gay. That is why he was loveless in so very many ways. At 40 I divorced.

Tonight is the eve of my ex husbands next marriage. This time he is marrying a man. I have no issues with sexual preference. I do have major issues with lying. Lies are some of the most horrible things in the world. They destroy faith and love and hope. Faith, love and hope can be found, healed and re learned with lots of good energy around you. I know this in every way possible.

This post is mainly for me to share hope. I am realizing how much my soul is good.
I am healed and a strong brave soul for surviving the many things I have.

I am blessed beyond to be loved for real by my hubby. I am beloved by many who have no clue the paths I have walked. I feel like my life is for sharing, helping, creating goodness and gushing it into the world. So I am sharing me. I am happy and grateful for my spirit and soul. Knowing.

My wish is that this post helps a few people in ways that are needed. Love sweet love.


  1. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your BRAVE. xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing your truth! Being brave helps us all be brave. I saw your article in Stampington! Love your art! So glad you have taken the steps you have taken, inspirational!