21 October 2015

i paint, i draw, i write every single day. i wake up and do it all over again. i believe.

my world in bits

my world in living color

my world in layers

my world inside my head

my world is happy
I have such a huge dream for my life. I realize I wake up and repeat what I did the day before. Sure I shake it up and change routine around but, really I wake up and create all day long. I am driven by a need to share, give and seriously know personal achievements. I look back on my life and zoom through all of the creating I have done both personally and in my career. I think to myself what drives me so much. Answer I know what I want and I am not there yet.

I adore color, layers, vintage, pattern, inks, paints, pencils, sketching, details in everything. I want to share my passions big, like really BIG. So I am dreaming huge. Bigger then feels comfortable at times. I push through the fears, the odd feeling that sometimes visits. I know that I am going to get to this place I dream and work for. I can see it. I can hear the conversations. I know it like I know myself.

So I keep showing up. I keep creating. I keep being grateful for the ability to wake up and have my life. I know that I am lucky to be full of passions and ideas. I am very very blessed.

We are all blessed with a knowing. Listen to yours and then charge ahead. Never to late to join in your dreams.

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  1. I Love other artists who have same passion for life and art and grateful living as I do and that is why I ordered one of each of these crazy wonderful sticker packages! Keep creating happy things and doing what you love.. that is true success!! I can't wait to incorporate these happy little things into my world! :)

  2. Oh Wow ! I just found you through Facebook!! The Pintrest Post You are such a great creative soul an I just love all your fun Art 😊 So super excited I found you !