12 October 2015

At the end of each day HOPE remains.

layers coming together to build my house of hope

big world. big dreams. big climbing.

at the end of each day HOPE remains.

details matter to me.
I have been thinking lots about hope, dreams, reality versus what I can actually make happen.
Yes, lots of big thoughts. I have been spilling out the journey of listening to my heart and painting. Painting like there is no tomorrow. No real direction just spilling, etching, carving, layering, scratching the surfaces of what hope means to me.

Lately, I think hope means to wake up and try my best to put direction into my day. I have so many creative energies pulling me. I know that my card line is waiting patiently for me to have it be seen by more stores. I know that I have been healing physically for months and continue to heal. I am surprised by how having shingles and nerve pain has altered my life. I am grateful that at the end of each day HOPE does remain powerful for me. I am driven by the power of hope. The listening of who I am and who I need to be.

I am about to walk into unknown adventures again. Clinging to the hope I feel inside and the knowing I am meant to be seen. Daily I crave sharing goodness, happy and really making a difference. Surrounding myself with every good intention I can muster up. Grateful as ever.


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