24 September 2015

wide open land. wide open life. keep dreaming.

oh this. memories for me. dreams that still need nurtured.
land. fields. trees. barns. gravel. space.
my little family dreaming with me. hubby and pearl button.
I often write about how fast time dashes by. Seems like I can blink and one month is gone. I have been searching, dreaming, moving, reaching, building, working so hard for the past two years. I know the only way to achieve all that I need to fill my soul up is to work really hard and focus. Lessons that I have know most of my life. Listening to my heart. Listening to the voices that speak the loudest to me. Listening to this art filled life of mine that keeps me inspired, keeps me loving big, keeps me pushing.

Dreams are funny things. I know that dreams only come true with tons of hard work. I have had so many of my dreams come true. Seems funny I can still want more, I do. I want what I know is inside of me just waiting to SHINE out.  I stumble, I flat out fall but, I get back up and keep pushing the mountains aside.

Drive. I sometimes ask myself - where does my drive come from? Is it just survival? No, not for me.
I want to thrive in giving love. I want to share my messages of hope, surviving, dreaming big and creating a life well lived.

Hard lessons only push me harder. I pray to be a light for others.

Why the pictures of this farm and land? Right now in this time and space the rolling hills, the green grass, gravel roads, crickets singing, grasshoppers hopping and mind stopping beauty has my heart.
I wonder do I need to be out in the midst of 20 acres creating, retreating and making my biggest dream come true?

Come with me and see this adventure that is wide open. Grateful to be noticing my days with grace and appreciation. Never ever take your life for granted. You are precious.

http://www.kellimaykrenz.com/ my new website where you can learn more about my life and my art.


  1. loved your story and your website.....so amazing! loved it!!

    1. Thank you Kristin. I so appreciate your taking the time to write such loving words to me. Twirling love back to you. Kelli

  2. Replies
    1. love how you simply write two words and they speak the loudest to me. love you Wind.

  3. Another move!!! You are amazing!
    Zane Grey

    1. i know who this is now. thank you. Zane. love to you Kelli. not moving just yet. staying in Galena. renting this home until April then moving to our home we are searching for now. xo

  4. Hop, skip, jump, Twirl.. Xoxoxoxox and Kiss!!!

    1. yippee. bright flowers blooming and love you my friend. thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. big love. Kelli