05 November 2015

loving your life even when it is hard

she loved with her soul. i do.

she loved. she loved more. i do.

see the world. see the blessings.

Lately I've been thinking about my life and all that it is. I am forever grateful to be alive. I am giddy to be surrounded in my studio with creative loves and passions. I am thankful that I know what I want in my world. These are huge things. Really big things.

I suffer from anxiety. I know lots of creative people have this challenge. Sometimes in my life it is a much bigger challenge then others. I world very hard at being mindful of precious life.  I know the triggers that haunt me. I want to help others live a more happy filled up good life. I want to take all of the hard lessons that I have walked through and use them for good. This is my purpose. I know it.

I have overcome really big tough hard lessons to be in this very space and time. I am spilling open my secrets of what makes me = me. My reason is to help, to be a source of goodness that just might make another person say - yes, this is good and I am good.

I have changed so much in my life in the past two years to be in my studio and to create for me.
I have let go of huge corporate clients to follow my passion yet again. I am left with the ability to create so many things. I can design, illustrate, paint, stitch, see beauty in the simple ways of life.
Now I need to be able to earn an income from these talents I have. Sure I have money to live.
Honestly, I want and need enough money to feel safe again. Really safe. I often think that I have been so lucky to live how can I want for more. It feels good to share with you that I want the ability to feel safe and have enough money to not have the fear.

I am motivated daily by the sheer will of bringing goodness on a large scale to the world. It is not an easy thing to do I know but, I feel it is my calling. So I bravely (with all of my anxieties) march on.
I fill myself up everyday when I wake up and I share, I create, I send packages out to the people who might see me. I pray and I believe.

Yes, I might be shaken or afraid but, I believe with my whole heart that I am here in this world to make a difference. I will.



  1. My husband and I both were admiring this work. Thanks Sue Marrazzo for sharing the link to this blog. Great work Kellie Mae.

  2. You are beautiful. And so deserving of feeling very safe. I relate so much to this post.

  3. Just found you an your amazing artwork!