02 January 2017

new year. new visions. old fears being faced.

intentions set 

I am grateful to have this New Year of 2017 in front of me. I have all sorts of new ways of going about creating my dreams. This year I am facing every fear one by one. I am shooting for the big stars and putting all of my intentions around showing up everyday and blowing it out!

My first fear is a biggie. Nothing to do with my studio at all. In the morning I will be having a big dental procedure done. I am afraid. See when I was younger I almost died because of a bad surgeon. Sure I have been having my teeth cleaned regularly, I still have fear. I have survived really big stuff in my life. So when I speak of this fear most of my friends think it is silly as this is so small compared to the other life changing events I have survived.

So I am surrounding myself with prayers of wanting all to go smoothly and perfectly. No surprises, being able to tolerate the sedation and not throwing up in the chair. Healthy new me. Yes, this is my first big fear I am facing. Knowing that the building of my art world seems so easy compared to this morning to come.

I am planning on blogging regularly this year. I think it is so nice to share the easy and the hard stuff. Perhaps, I can help a few others while sharing. This is my wish. Loving more. Being braver and marching stronger.

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  1. Praying all goes well!!!! Xoxoxox you got this girl!! Xoxox

  2. Wonderful post:) Facing my fears head-on is tippity top top on my self love journey. As forvyou helping others by sharing the hard stuff and not so hard stuff....you have helped me tremendously in more ways than i could ever share in a blog response! I look forward to following you here for 2017...our year of great profound leaps and steps towards our intended self♡ Because we matter! Hugs to you and Happy Happy New Year:)