08 January 2017

2017 blessed, lucky, spirit filled = my life.

blessed spirit. one of my original paintings in my series of spirit warriors. 
I have been thinking lots about what it means to be lucky. What does it mean to be blessed? I am of firm belief that it does not mean you live a super charmed easy life. Nope. Not for me at least. I believe that my life is tested in ways others might not see as lucky or blessed. I seem to have a big bit of huge scary stuff that continues to create me. I am stronger, braver, more blessed because I have survived.

I have been faced with a renal artery aneurysm, a horrible cheating lying marriage (due to his being gay and not admitting), watching someone i love die suddenly in three minutes and being able to do nothing (enlarged heart), several "normal" surgeries gone terribly wrong, people being truly ugly and mean. I know every single soul has big stuff.  I am not saying, "Oh I have so much hard life stuff."
I know that many of you suffer much bigger, much worse and so much harder life stuff. I get it.
My wish is to show others you can survive and be a spirit warrior to not only yourself but, to others as well.

Okay, so the list could go on. Here's what I believe I am really lucky to have seen this part of life, lived through it with all of my imperfections. I am here, I am able to help others (I pray) by showing up and living a full happy, joy filled life. I have financial struggles like some. I get up every single day and choose to see my life as great, filled with more possibilities, more love and really excited to share my joy for living.

I am choosing to make this fine year of 2017 the year I break all of my silences that keep me from being all that I am meant to be. I am going for all of the moments I dream of. I will find ways to finance these dreams. I will make myself known for a shining light and help others dream bigger and know they are loved always. I will write my book and I will publish it.

See I am so lucky because since I was a very little girl I have know that my art would matter. That I could do nothing else. I must create every single day. I have so much to share, give and gift in this world. I have often said that if I had lots of money - I mean lots - I would gather handmade gifts and just spend my days = gifting others. I love packaging gifts and sending them out into the world.

Perhaps, my gifts are here in social media too? I know one thing for sure. I am grateful, I am lucky and I am beyond blessed to have this knowing inside my soul.

Loving more. I am choosing this every single day.



  1. Love you... and here is the thing about gifts ... YOUR blessings are OUR blessings.. because you share.. you give.. you take the steps of bravery.. and that is a gift right back to all of us!!
    You are one of the MOST giving people I have every met... in my entire life... you TRULY are going to rock this year!! It's YOUR time!!! Xoxoxo -kiki

    1. Thank you for spending precious time to write me this lovely note. I really appreciate your kindness and your words. So much love to you in your life. Gratefully Kelli

  2. I admire your sincerity and generosity and i wish you a beautiful year of light,peace, warmth and joy. Thanks for sharing your truth.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my post and to make a comment. I truly appreciate your words. Love to you. Kelli