14 December 2015

being grateful and giving back tis the season

my biggest sale EVER. happening right now.

custom dream catcher. filled with many layers of beauty.

original painting. layers of dreams and truth found here.

handmade gorgeous. hands stitched tiny bits. vintage linen.

the most beautiful inspired secret treasure box.

a princess crown of love. 

I live my life practicing being grateful. I am grateful just to wake up each day. I do my best to make moments matter. I try hard to give back to others and really to over give (if there is such a thing).

I have said for many many years how I wish that I were independently wealthy and could create for free. I would in a nano second. I am not fortunate to be able to do this. I will keep wishing and doing and perhaps one day this will be so for me.

I build a wildly successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator working for big huge fortune 500 companies for lots of years. Two years ago I decided I wanted a life where I created from me for me. I had a dream where I would create happy and share with this big world. I have mindfully been finding my path to making this happen. I am once again living the life of a struggling artist financially. Hard facts to admit but, so true. I know deep inside that this will change. I will find the right people in the perfect time and space who will notice my talents, my passion and my desire to make a difference in some small way in this big world.

I am empowered to make this happen as I see it in my soul when I rest at night. I am driven when I wake each day to work harder, create more pure art and be seen.  I am not meant to worry about money each day. I am meant to share and give and then love more.

I think by being open and honest about my life I can inspire and help others. This is my wish. This is my gift that sits inside my heart patiently waiting to shine.

I am grateful for this time in my life to be able to create for me and try with all of my might to be seen. I am grateful to all of my friends and kindred spirits who follow me. I never ever take any of this for granted.

Loving more every single day. I am.


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