17 December 2015

A Love for the Sea = by me. Published in Somerset Studio

hand painted paper wrapping the journal i created. stitched, layered, painted. 

the cover of my sea journal. completely hand stitched for months with drift wood from the sea.

opening the journal a spread of original mixed media, paintings, words, watercolors, my heart. the love i have.

another spread from my journal of the sea. all pages created on vintage ocean map pages. 

another spread blue moon. layers of tissues, white pen and ink, stitched love. 

another spread. original paintings and words. feather found near the sea. 

detail from one of my art pages. 
cover of the magazine Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2016 

The opening spread in the magazine. Page 77  Somerset Studio magazine.

I read about submissions for Somerset Studio magazine last summer - this call for artists to submit was called Laguna Teal. I knew this one was for me as I have such a love for the sea.

I was very sick for four months (all summer long) so I stitched a lot. I stitched this cover and each tiny bit that was my underworld sea love. I drew pages and pages of ocean inspired goodies. Then when I was able to walk up to my studio I started painting and stitching more and painting more.
Words came to me, favorite sea songs (Van Morrison) all of this took so much precious time as I was still continuing to heal and have strength to sit up. I continued to create until I had this really large oversized journal of the sea.

The actual art piece is over 11 x 17" inches and there are 12 pieces of art created here. This was the most time I have ever spent creating something to send off and try to be published. It is now published and I am most grateful. I thought it would be fun to show you the spreads and more details. When you are published you never know what they will choose or how it will be photographed. I think it is so much fun to see the entire journal. I hope that you do too.

I am grateful for the months I was recovering and dreaming of the sea. The sea has been so good to me throughout my life. I have always returned to the sea to heal, listen and learn more about me.

My wish is that you see more of me and who I am by reading and looking at my art. Thank you.



  1. Unbelievable, even more gorgeous up close and personal !

  2. OMG Kelli This is gorgeous!!! it is beautiful!!