29 October 2014

moved across the country = letting it all sink in

hello its me and i am back in my new studio. surrounded by boxes some unpacked. still feeling the space and realizing i moved across the country again. we have now moved three times in the past 2 years. i am ready to not move for a bit. i am full of positive wonder about life and filling mine up with as much goodness and dream filling as possible. i will say this  last move has zapped me in many ways i did not expect. slowly i will rebuild my energies and once again be creating in the studio.

i am so aware of what is around me more then usual as everything seems so different. the energies in this home are wonderful, the light is amazing. i love the history and charm that i see absolutely everywhere.

the big questions i am pondering are =
* how did the dream to Florida not work like i so (knew in my heart) would. i have lists of course. so many dreams around that move. most of the ones i planned did not happen. i was gifted an entire new set of blessings - bigger and better then i could have dreamed.
* letting go of what i thought was and is not. that is one for the books. i shall be working on this for some time. dancing with the emotions all around.
* realizing that the most important in life is health. so getting me in full energies is a must.
* can i really get all of my products together and into the world = YES I CAN. YES I WILL.

so i know this for certain. i need to keep designing and printing and getting my cards and other dreamy projects ready to send out to others. this is a must as all along moving from minneapolis to florida and from florida to galena = one dream was constant.

little wishes turning into big dreams = love your life. it matters the most!


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  1. Hi honey bun....I know...I'm still processing your leaving...I feel the distance and loved it when you were right across the bridge although I preferred closer...charge your batteries...hot baths, massage, meanderings walks. Take time to plant roots and make new friends that get what a beautiful gift you are...virtual hugs are great but having friends in the flesh is life sustaining....i want to cry for only getting to give you a virtual hug today...i love you sweetie pie