17 June 2015

What I've learned from having shingles = so far

What I'm learning through constant pain, exhaustion and being mostly in bed with shingles.

I have known to appreciate life and live fully every moment. To really love the gift of life and how precious each day is.  I've learned many hard lessons. I've seen my life change in one single flash several times. I've watched a loved friend die in seconds next to me. I've been surprised with a renal artery aneurysm and told I might not survive, best to make my plans and prepare before my surgery. 
I've seen long time friendships blow away when they didn't like my happy attitude and positive outlook on life. 

I've said for years that any given moment can change your life. I know with my whole heart this is true. I also believe your life can change with amazing goodness in one moment as well. I met and married my husband in ten days. We have now been married over 8 years. I've never had children so my dogs have always been my fur babies. I know the pure love + happiness these babies bring to my world are gifts. Every single day little Pearl Button surprises me with moments of joy. 

Being down and healing with insanely painful shingles makes me be very still. I'm not able to create. Creating is like breathing for me. I feel lost without it. I pray for moments to sit up and create anything. I've started stitching by hand a little which is calming and meditation for me.

I'm always aware of being grateful. I'm grateful for having a great doctor. I'm grateful for our health insurance. I'm super lucky to live in Galena where new friends care for me and have embraced me with genuine kindness. I'm grateful for all of the unconditional love that surrounds me from friends both old and new. I am loved. I am cherished. I am wildly blessed. 

So what are some new lessons that I'm learning while healing from shingles? 

Mostly I really need to practice balance and manage my stress better. 

Letting go of internal struggles that I keep dragging around with me. Like extra heavy bags that have never served me. 

So my action plan is this. Writing down steps and looking at how I can architect my life to fill it up with more moments that love me and my soul. Practicing leaving behind the fears of not knowing and trying to control these. Most of my fears center around not being able to earn the income I once had with my new lines of ME (knowing I must do what I love). I have fear around not being able to control my mothers chronic health issues. Some of these fears are realistic and some are just mind traps I've fallen into.

Being mindful. Having new affirmations surround me. 

For now I'm going to continue resting until this horrible pain leaves my body. I know that my mind is healing as well. I will be gifted with a new fresh daily outlook on balance and self love. I know that there are many more gifts I'm being given right now in this space and time that will come to me. I will process as they show up❤️ I plan to welcome each one and make friends with them so I can continue to love more, to live more fully and to be balanced in my heart and soul. 

Practicing the fine art of noticing, knowing and making a difference every single day! 


  1. Thank You for sharing , sorry you are in so much pain , hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  2. God love you for such a wonderful perspective through your struggles. xox

  3. hello dear Kelli. Yes...letting go, mindfulness, self-care---tools you need to heal. writing down the steps...maybe start a special art journal as you recover and record the lessons you've learned. sending my love & prayers for healing.

  4. You are teaching us all. I hope you're swearing a lot too!!!

  5. Hang on dear Kelli, keep that positive attitude going, sending you lots of prayers and healing wishes and Hugs for you and sweet Pearl Button!💖💖💖

  6. I get your heavy bag comment, I am sorry about your friends ....
    I love your coloring book!
    Feel better soon!

  7. Beautifully said. A positive attitude takes us a long way! Sending hugs and prayers for healing.