27 April 2015

what it takes to make a life long dream come true = by me

love with all my soul = Pearl Button

paint, illustrate, create more, layer more, be mindful

notice the path of my life that has me here right NOW

styling spaces = oh i love this stuff = watch out booth #1559 NYChttps://www.facebook.com/kelli.maykrenz

get published A LOT and get your artwork on the cover

be true to yourself = be raw and be seen
It has been way to long since I blogged. My days turn into nights into weeks into months lately.
I am good with that. I am grateful for that. I am so insanely blessed to be right here, right now and to really notice how very lucky I am.

Truth. I have created my own luck. I have worked seriously hard to be in this very place and time.
I have climbed a whole bunch of big scary mountains. Mountains that had winding paths of betrayal,
death, life changing illness, self doubt, anxiety, panic attacks and more self doubt. I have been an artist my entire life. I have created for fortune 500 companies for many many years. I have no real ego. Truth. I care most about loving and giving and yes, being loved back.

I thought it might be nice to share some bits of what I have done to arrive at this very space in time to get to my dream of debuting my line of ME at the National Stationary Show. I know I make it look easy as I stay positive and keep my life in good energy. I practice daily at showing up to do the really hard work. I know I am lucky to be given gifts and I am meant to share.

It took me so very many years and so much help from loves in my life to get me here.

We have sold a home I adored to be able to have money to design just for me. I let go of clients and income that I depended on to live. I have trusted in being good and giving and creating in life.

In the past two years come this May. We have sold 80 percent of everything we owned (with my darling hubby supporting and working with me to make this happen). We have moved from Minneapolis to Sarasota Florida then near the beach Siesta Key and now to Galena Illinois. I have created enough art to submit and be published in 8 magazines, continued working on my favorite clients in Minneapolis (okay, I need some income) and being mindful of having a good life, a true and loving marriage, being a good daughter, friend and showing up.

I am seeing the light of our travels to NYC on May 12th. I still have to reach the top of the mountain. Believe me I have tons of work to do to get there. I can honestly say (and I am SO hard on myself) but, I have 80 cards that I adore and other cool products for the show.

I hope that I can inspire one person to really go for your dream. No matter how big or small. We are blessed with one life (that I know of) and it matters that we show up and continue to love ourselves.

I cannot thank my hubby enough for believing in me. I really am very lucky. Love sweet love. Shine.



  1. Such a privilege to watch your journey. Your tenacity is awe inspiring. Success comes to the prepared. You are one of a kind and deserve every ounce of joy your infinite creative spirit desires.

    1. You are so sweet to leave me these blessings and comments. Thank you so very much. These matter the most to me. I only wish to be a source of happy and goodness and make giddy happy while I live this life of mine. You are loved by me. Thank you so very much.

  2. The climb is almost over, enjoy your success in NYC. :)

    1. thank you sweet friend. i really appreciate your taking the time to read my blog. i appreciate all of the goodness and beautiful artful gifts you bring to me and my life. love to you sweet talented friend. xo

  3. YOU are a true inspiration. I hope New York and #fresh is everything you want it to be, that you create it to be and are blessed with great success. I was thinking about you as I was journaling my latest face last night and Lori Sparkly and some other artists I know who keep me on my toes and what it means to have your true voice. I am settling in finally and get ready to really explore in a deeper way. Thanks for setting the bar and being the sweetest ever person while you reach for your dreams. <3 <3 <3

    1. Wow. I am blown away and so very humbled to read your most lovely kind words. Thank you so so so very much. With big bunches of daisies and happy to you. Really this is so meaningful to me to read. Adoring your spirit and goodness.