25 June 2014

a little dog named Pearl Button building a brand Pearl

Pearl Button hits 500 on her facebook page!!! woof woof wag!!!

Pearl is most concerned with happy, joy and lifting others up.

sure we collect lots of pearl buttons around us

Pearl Button starting to talk about her love for life.

tiny world, hearts, milagros, shells, handmade love surrounds us.
For the past year we have been marching toward a dream of branding loving and creating a world around our little jrt Pearl Button = all 12 pounds of her precious. She inspires us daily to give more love, share more goodness, be more silly, goofy and happy. We have just hit a milestone on facebook of hitting 500 likes for this little genuine soul.

Our next big hit is July. Mid July we will have a line of Pearl Button inspiring cards to offer to the world. We are wicked excited. Studio has been a buzz with ordering supplies, getting all of our cards to production and printing. Yes, we are doing it  and it feels terrific.

Personally I always want to come for a place of inspiring others to dream big.

Some dreams take a long time to find and own = they are so worth your time.

Thank you for finding our corner of the world. We invite you to come along with us. We are soaring high and would love for you to be with us.


  1. I am here flying all the way with you and Pearl Button and dreams that come true ~ flap flap~

    1. flap flap soar dip soaring higher believing more. thank you sweet friend talented girl for believing in my and my art. it helps more then words can say. xoxo